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General Questions

Is there a setup fee? 

No. There is no set up fee. You pay your first month at $99 and we design and build out your online shop. There is a 12 mo. commitment.


What is a hat digitization fee?

For every hat or beanie in your collection there will be a one time digitization fee of $10 to set up your design and have it embroidered. 


Do I need to create an account to log in and shop?

Yes. You will create an account and agree to terms before making your first purchase. Its pretty easy but if you need help we can do it for you and send you a link!


Can I cancel my account at any time?

If you are on the $99 12mo. subscription you agreed to one year of billing at $99. If you would like to cancel and its before 6 months you pay out up to 6 months or $600 and you will have the option to move over to our affiliate program or continue on if you change your mind.


What is included in my monthly subscription?

Included in the monthly subscription is the upfront design work, online retail and wholesale shop build out, 100% retail profit payout, ability to set prices, and shop at base pricing. Also included are all customer service needs, shipping and fulfillment processing, transaction fees, site maintenance, web hosting, co-marketing efforts, as well as basic store edits. 


When will I be billed?

You will be billed monthly on the same day that you purchase your initial team shop subscription.

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