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Covid-19 Updates

Covid-19 updates for TeamShop customers

Follow this page to learn the latest updates and what they mean for you

Along with the safety of our employees, our priority is to continue supporting online merchants. We think that it's especially important during these times to support our customers to work from home however we can.

This is a difficult time for everyone and we're working hard to adapt to this new reality. We'll continue to share information on this page, so check back often.



We are continuing to fulfill as much as we can at our facilities. Our EU and MX branches are operating as normal while following each country's public health guidelines. Our branches in NC and LA are also operational and we're working on safely increasing our output.

In LA, we're back to fulfilling more all-over print products, starting with tote bags, beach bags, drawstring bags, and fanny packs.

We're partnering with backup facilities to help us manage order volume, and we're routing orders to wherever they can be fulfilled most efficiently. As of now, we're working with 9 backup facilities in the US, Europe, and Australia, and we're looking for more options.


Latest update

May 20, 2020

We're still seeing long fulfillment and shipping times at TeamShop and industry-wide. Our support team is doing their best to keep up with increased customer questions. Our average email response time has increased to about one day, and we're not available on the phone. We try to keep chat available during US business hours on Mon-Fri, but periodically turn it off to catch up with queues.

We're working hard to safely increase our capacity and we've made good progress in the last month. In Charlotte, our goal is to increase our daily printing output by 2,000 orders week over week. We've already grown our DTG capacity by 20% and we're working on improving more categories.

We're hiring and training new employees in fulfillment and investing in more printing tech. We're now working with nine backup facilities, and we're scaling production at our new in-house facility in Barcelona.

Even with all the steps we're taking, it'll still take time to bring our fulfillment times back to normal. Some product categories are already there, especially products that we fulfill in Europe. Fulfillment is still taking long for our top categories: DTG, embroidery, and all-over printed apparel.

Shipping is also still taking longer than usual depending on where your orders are shipping to. The positive news is that Latvia's airlines are starting to ease restrictions on flights, which means that we'll be able to ship orders from Europe more frequently.

We'll continue posting updates as they come; thanks for your patience and for reading.


Fulfillment estimate





20-25 business days


All-over print

20-25 business days

25-30 business days

Neck gaiters

8-10 business days

10-13 business days


16-20 business days


Flip flops



Laptop sleeves




15-20 business days


Phone cases

2-4 business days



1-2 business days


Face masks

5-8 business days



8-12 business days


Framed posters

2-4 business days



3-5 business days



6-9 business days



9-12 business days


Warehousing & fulfillment

1-2 business days



Be prepared for delays

Our fulfillment times will be longer than usual, and may continue to increase until things get back to normal. The entire industry is grappling with challenges and we're seeing delays in our supply chain, including distributors and shipping carriers.

We're closely communicating with our partners like Bella+Canvas to make sure they can supply us with adequate stock levels from their distributed network of wholesalers. We're also glad to report that we're seeing a surge in orders, which means that online sellers are doing well. Consumers are generally more patient during this time, as even Amazon has expressed that it's experiencing delays of up to 1 month. Read our blog for advice on how to communicate with your customers about Covid-19.

Estimates are current as of May 25, 2020.

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